Mens Fashion Clothing by PopLove

PopLove’s seeds were planted when we met back in 2003. Shai comes with the trained eye of a photographer who saw a profound lack of cool clothes for men in the fashion industry. Andrea comes with design skills dating back to making her own stuffed kitty toys at the tender age of 10.

In our twelve years together, we’ve built a fashion label that focuses on creating mens fashion clothing that appeals to guys looking for something a little different. Our designs have a dark future feel - post apocalyptic punk meets cyber yuppie.

All our designs are created start to finish in our home studio. That includes everything from designing, patterning, cutting, sewing to any kind of finishing from distressing to dyeing to screen printing; it’s all 100% hand-made. Using a combination of new and recycled materials, we’re able to offer unique designs that are often truly one-of-a-kind. We believe that creating guys fashion is an art form and we think that principle shines through in our designs.

Our process starts by selecting fine quality vintage materials which we dissect and combine Frankenstein style with new materials to create awesome pieces. Our living room floor is often invaded with fabrics which we hand-dye using a unique process. The coffee table is scattered with sketch books, pencils and other inspirational bits and pieces. Piles of vintage jeans and t shirts seem to multiply in every spare corner. Our little home studio seems to have a life of its own.

Our PopLove family seems to just keep growing with Jake and our new little one Zack! By purchasing our designs, you’re helping us to support our little family and live our artistic dreams - offering you quality hand made cool clothes for men.